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                                 {  I can’t breathe
                                                            but I still fight
                                                                                    while I can fight  }

Mend | the-5th-disciple


Wisely furrowed his brow, watching him with confusion as Lavi seemed to struggle with himself for a moment or so. It was times like this when he began to miss The Demon Eye, missing the ease that came with being able to just pop into a person’s head and know exactly what they were thinking.

But now he just felt a bit lost. He could tell that part of Lavi was bothered by something but he had no idea what it could’ve been.

"I live a few minutes away." Wisely shrugged, deciding to let Lavi tell him what was bothering him when he was ready. "I walked. I don’t much like travelling by car unless it’s cold out or if I have to go somewhere far away. I’m not a Noah anymore, my body won’t stay fit on its own anymore."

He turned to point down a street that ran parallel to the park, “I live three blocks down that way.”

Lavi immediately perked up at the mention of walking. He heaved an inner sigh of relief, and smiled at Wisely.

"Oh that’s not too bad! Let me lock up my bike and we can walk together. I kinda, uh, dropped it in the heat of the moment," Lavi admitted, rubbing the back of his head sheepishly. "Whoops. It’s just over there, gimme a sec."

He ran over, got out his bike lock that, thankfully, he always had wrapped and locked under his bike seat, and quickly fastened it to a nearby bike rack.

"There," he said as he walked back to Wisely, "Sorry, I would have offered you a ride, but I don’t have gear for you to sit or stand on my bike. So! Shall we get going? Can’t leave your cat waiting too long," Lavi said, extending his arm for Wisely to take with an over-the-top wiggle of his eyebrows.

Mend | the-5th-disciple


Wisely took in the elated expression that spread across his face, smiled lightly before he tumbled forward with a slight ‘oof’ as the other pulled him to him. 

He laughed, looking up to him before he reached up and flicked his nose, “s’nothing special. I’m not too used to going by Leo anymore. I use it obviously for official things but Tyki and Devit and everyone still calls me Wisely.”

Wisely poked Lavi in the side, rolling his eyes, “sure, Lions.” he says, stepping back a bit to gesture to himself, “not anymore. I’m more of a house cat nowadays.” He pushed his glasses up on the bridge of his nose, “I’m even less of a warrior than I used to be.” He said, chuckling.

"If you want, we could go to my house?" Wisely suggested, "I mean, that’s where I was headed and I sort of need to feed my cat, god knows that Uncle didn’t. Unless you have something else in mind?"

"I’d love to go!"

…Is what he would have said. He wanted to go. To see where Wisely had been spending his days. To see a peek inside of his new life. He was happy, and God did he want to go but…he caught himself. He didn’t know how far Wisely’s place was. Had he walked here? If so things would be fine but if he had a car…


"Ah, how would we get you your place?" Lavi asked instead, smoothly covering for himself.

'Why am I hiding it?' Lavi thought. 'He wouldn't think any less of me for it…'

But still.

"I rode my bike here, so I could follow you if you took a car?"

                                                    I just want my
                                                  innocence back

                                             I want the childhood I
                                                   n e v e r  h a d

                                                  is that so much
                                                         to ask?


I think this is a very important screen-cap.

D . G R A Y ☆ L O G || by;;  紫月

headcanon that reincarnated modern lavi is, ironically, allergic to rabbits

Mend | the-5th-disciple


Wisely quirked a brow and he laughed lightly. Lavi’s ridiculousness never got old, even after those years spent apart he was still hilarious to him. He watched carefully as he seemed deep in thought, most likely considering about his awards or about what his books were, something along that line, he hoped.

"I would hope you’ve read them though… I sent you one a year or so ago. I figured you’d like it." 

Wisely tipped his head, a questioning gesture at first, when Lavi repeated the phrase back, before he started with his nonsense.

He rolled his eyes, covering his mouth briefly with his hand before he shook his head. “Lavi, dear lord in heaven what are you doing?” He asked, laughter touching his tone.

Wisely extended a hand to him, offering him help to stand. “It’s Leo,” he said gently, “Leo James Crowley. That’s my name.” 

Lavi sat back up, now paying his full attention to Wisely. He stared up from the park bench at Wisely’s face. He didn’t think he’d ever get used to seeing it so close.

"Leo James Crowley…" he mumbled wondrously, feeling the name tumble over his lips and loving the small rush it sent through him. He suddenly broke into a large grin, his eyes and nose crinkling up in joy, the freckles on his cheeks seeming to wink in and out like stars. He took Wisely’s hand and stood up in one swift motion, pulling the other towards him.

"It’s perfect," he said through his grin. "Leo…" he repeated, testing the name again and getting that same rush. That swift tingle of happiness in his chest. "Funny, looks like we’re both lions then," Lavi said with a chuckle.

"Perfect. It’s like fate, if that sort of thing even exist."

Lavi twined their fingers together gently and asked, “So, what do you want to do now?”

Mend | the-5th-disciple


Wisely tipped his head to the side, “You deduced correctly, I live with Uncle in a flat a couple blocks from here.” He shrugged, “nothing fancy. But I’d much rather stay with him than live alone.” 

A strange bit of shyness fell over him. He was proud of his work, sure, but he’d never expected them to get as much recognition as they had. He dipped his head in a single nod, “I’ve been writing since I was thirteen. Had my first book published four years ago. I have three out right now.” Wisely paused, not sure if it would sound cocky to go on, but decided to anyways, “I actually have two Printz awards…” He said in a bit of a mumble, not wanting to make a huge deal over it. “They’re Science-Fiction/Fantasy, I doubt you’ve read them.” 

"You might. I could ask my editor." Wisely shrugged, "I write under a pseudonym, I don’t really want the attention that I’d get if I used my real name."

A sense of joy and pride settled into Lavi, showing clearly on his face. He was so happy that Wisely had been leading a good life. A happy one. And he was so proud that the one he loved was so amazing. He’d be proud nonetheless, but still. Wisely’s accomplishments made a smile come across his face, even if the other seemed embarrassed by them. Lavi was about to say that some of his favorite books were in the SciFi genre, so he’d probably read them. Then the bit about the pseudonym hit him. He blinked. A thought came to him and he nearly sputtered in indignation. He…he didn’t even know…

"Your…real name?" he mumbled softly. "I…I-I don’t know your real name? I don’t know your real name oh my God,” Lavi freaked, clutching at his hair.

"I’m a sham. A lousy sham. Babe, just leave me here to die," he groaned, falling onto the bench dramatically and covering his reddened face with his arm. "Don’t look at meeee!"

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