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Mend | the-5th-disciple


Wisely blinked, “oh? I haven’t read those yet. I’ll have to pick them up.” He shrugged, “you’ve got me there.”

He smiled slightly, nodding, “alright, follow me.” 

With that he turned on his heel and headed upstairs and down the hall into the room on the end, “I apologize for the mess, I’ve been working.” He let the door open on its own, rushing over to his desk to clear up some papers and open the curtains to let light in. “It’s on my bedside table, there,” He said, looking over his shoulder, “On the shelf over there is the books and poems I’ve written if you’d like to look through them.”

"Nah, don’t worry. My rooms way messier. I use it to stash books I want to read before customers come and get them," Lavi confessed with a chuckle, "Don’t tell Bookman though. He’d kill me if he saw the amount I’ve snuck off from the shop."

Lavi glanced around the slightly cluttered but otherwise tidy room. It had an airy feel to it, and suited Wisely perfectly. Upon hearing where Wisely’s own novels were located he forgot his original quest and crossed over to the shelf in a few quick strides.

He froze as soon as he saw the pen name.

"These…these are yours?" he whispered, reaching out and brushing his fingers tenderly over all too familiar spines. He knew these books. He knew them very well. He couldn’t count the number of times he’d flipped through them. How long he’d spent reading them until long past sunset. The tattered and taped and re-tattered edges of paper. And oh how crazy he’d felt that they reminded him of Wisely. That every phrasing and every story seemed to radiate his aura. He’d thought he was delusional. And here he was, having those delusions confirmed as fact. He sat on the bed in a breathless huff, stroking the front of a book he hadn’t realized he’d grabbed off the shelf.

Mend | the-5th-disciple


"Ah, refreshing?" Wisely laughed lightly in return, "no, no, more like terrifying. You’re so damn cryptic, not being able to read your mind is like being lost in a labyrinth with no map or compass." 

He smiled slightly, crossing his arms over his chest as he watched Lavi scan his bookshelves, snorting when he almost squeaked in excitement. “My favorites?” He dipped his head to the side, “why?”

"Never mind," Wisely said, shaking his head as he scanned the shelves, pulling off a couple, "To Kill A Mockingbird, Trust Your Eyes, and my favorite is up in my room. We can head up there if you want… I mean unless you don’t want anything down here, a drink, snack, whatever.” 

Lavi stood a bit straighter and his eyebrows scrunched together. His lips pressed together a he lifted a hand to his chin.

"Trust your eyes, trust your eyes…Ah! I knew I’d heard that somewhere. From Barclay, right? I’ve read some of his other books. I really liked his Zack Walker series. I haven’t gotten around to reading Trust Your Eyes yet, though."

Lavi looked at Wisely, eyebrows raised.

"In your room? Sure, let’s go. I’m not hungry or anything, and I’m more curious what you favorite is than anything," he said with a smile.

Mend | the-5th-disciple


Wisely rolled his eyes, as Lavi rushed away to lock up his bike. The redhead moved quickly at least, he’d give him that. Didn’t mean that he wasn’t ridiculous regardless. 

"That’s alright." He said, "didn’t want a ride anyways. What do you take me for? Damn, Lavi, I am a grown ass man. It’s like you don’t want me to have any shred of dignity left. First you make me cry, now this, absolutely despicable.” Wisely laughed, lightly smacking Lavi’s arm, “it’s like you think you’re going to lead me now too. Wow.”

He nudged Lavi’s shoulder as he walked past him, turning on his heel to walk backwards as they made their way towards his house. 

It took barely ten minutes to arrive at his front door, Wisely fumbled in his pocket for his key before he found it and opened the lock. Hesistating for a moment, he turned to look back at Lavi, “I don’t think my Uncle is home yet, but if he is, I apologize in advance. He can be quite… eccentric.” 

Wisely stepped inside and held open the door for him, dipping his head dramatically, “welcome to my home, come in.”

"What can I say?" Lavi chuckled, lightly rapping on the side of his head, "There’s a lot more empty space up here nowadays. I though you’d find it refreshing."

The walked at a moderate pace, enjoying each other’s company and exchanging snippets of conversation but mostly just walking in silence. It made him remember the walks they used to have. He didn’t realize just how much he missed something so simple.

Wisely opened the front door and waved him inside as he held it open. As soon as Lavi stepped inside he felt at home…books. He could smell them in the air, and a split second later he spotted large bookshelves on the opposite wall. Lavi made a small noise of glee before striding over and beginning to glance over the spines. He recognized several of the titles, so Wisley must have a similar taste in literature to him.

"Which are your favorites?" he asked over his shoulder, "I want to read them."

                                 {  I can’t breathe
                                                            but I still fight
                                                                                    while I can fight  }

Mend | the-5th-disciple


Wisely furrowed his brow, watching him with confusion as Lavi seemed to struggle with himself for a moment or so. It was times like this when he began to miss The Demon Eye, missing the ease that came with being able to just pop into a person’s head and know exactly what they were thinking.

But now he just felt a bit lost. He could tell that part of Lavi was bothered by something but he had no idea what it could’ve been.

"I live a few minutes away." Wisely shrugged, deciding to let Lavi tell him what was bothering him when he was ready. "I walked. I don’t much like travelling by car unless it’s cold out or if I have to go somewhere far away. I’m not a Noah anymore, my body won’t stay fit on its own anymore."

He turned to point down a street that ran parallel to the park, “I live three blocks down that way.”

Lavi immediately perked up at the mention of walking. He heaved an inner sigh of relief, and smiled at Wisely.

"Oh that’s not too bad! Let me lock up my bike and we can walk together. I kinda, uh, dropped it in the heat of the moment," Lavi admitted, rubbing the back of his head sheepishly. "Whoops. It’s just over there, gimme a sec."

He ran over, got out his bike lock that, thankfully, he always had wrapped and locked under his bike seat, and quickly fastened it to a nearby bike rack.

"There," he said as he walked back to Wisely, "Sorry, I would have offered you a ride, but I don’t have gear for you to sit or stand on my bike. So! Shall we get going? Can’t leave your cat waiting too long," Lavi said, extending his arm for Wisely to take with an over-the-top wiggle of his eyebrows.

Mend | the-5th-disciple


Wisely took in the elated expression that spread across his face, smiled lightly before he tumbled forward with a slight ‘oof’ as the other pulled him to him. 

He laughed, looking up to him before he reached up and flicked his nose, “s’nothing special. I’m not too used to going by Leo anymore. I use it obviously for official things but Tyki and Devit and everyone still calls me Wisely.”

Wisely poked Lavi in the side, rolling his eyes, “sure, Lions.” he says, stepping back a bit to gesture to himself, “not anymore. I’m more of a house cat nowadays.” He pushed his glasses up on the bridge of his nose, “I’m even less of a warrior than I used to be.” He said, chuckling.

"If you want, we could go to my house?" Wisely suggested, "I mean, that’s where I was headed and I sort of need to feed my cat, god knows that Uncle didn’t. Unless you have something else in mind?"

"I’d love to go!"

…Is what he would have said. He wanted to go. To see where Wisely had been spending his days. To see a peek inside of his new life. He was happy, and God did he want to go but…he caught himself. He didn’t know how far Wisely’s place was. Had he walked here? If so things would be fine but if he had a car…


"Ah, how would we get you your place?" Lavi asked instead, smoothly covering for himself.

'Why am I hiding it?' Lavi thought. 'He wouldn't think any less of me for it…'

But still.

"I rode my bike here, so I could follow you if you took a car?"

                                                    I just want my
                                                  innocence back

                                             I want the childhood I
                                                   n e v e r  h a d

                                                  is that so much
                                                         to ask?


I think this is a very important screen-cap.

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